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This week the battle for the border will be on Capitol Hill (stand-off predicted)

The onslaught of children at the southern border of the United States has several sources. It appears that a law passed in late 2008 to deal with human trafficking — especially the trafficking of children — has had an almost opposite effect. The law, which allows a wide class of children greater protection once they [...]

Seeking new Congressional action on Counterterrorism

As usual the Aspen Security Forum continues to be an abundant mid-summer source of breaking news.  I was not there.  Three years running I’ve had to work somewhere hot and steamy while many of my colleagues are cooling off and comparing notes. According to Josh Gerstein, on Saturday Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for [...]

Weekend appreciation

I was mostly off-line this last week.  Pretty much dawn to dusk I was part of a site visit with the US Coast Guard.  I actually got out of meeting rooms and onto boats. The purpose of the site visit was research-related.  My role is as interviewer, writer, and project ethicist.  The project has been [...]

Friday Free Forum

Since we opened the Friday Free Forum it has been my practice to tee-up the discussion with brief historical references to natural, accidental, and intentional events that happened on the same date.  The cumulative effect on me has been reassuring.  Bad — very bad — stuff happens, always has.  Despite my cognitive inclination to catastrophize [...]

Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Vulnerabilities

Advisory Document

Morpho Itemiser 3 Hard-Coded Credential

Advisory Document

Siemens OpenSSL Vulnerabilities (Update A)

Advisory Document

Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven X EV-DO Vulnerabilities (Update B)

Advisory Document

Suffer little children, and forbid them not

The arrival at our southern border in recent months of over 60,000 children challenges our national identity. How we resolve this challenge will have a profound influence on the sort of society we leave to future generations. The controversy, incivility, anger and political opportunism that have erupted around this issue confirms that the values in [...]

See something say something goes awry?

["Boston gas tank" by Lasart75 - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -] It’s rare that a big, albeit colorful, gas tank becomes a local landmark. But that is the case in Boston, where the tank pictured above sits just off of Interstate 93 on the southern approach to [...]