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Another execution

Samira Salih al-Nuaimi Over the last week, did you read or hear about this execution?  I assume HLSWatch readers are watching more carefully than most.  But did the report get to you?  Here’s the Associated Press blurb: Militants with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group publicly killed a human rights lawyer in [...]

Evil as a non-integrated gap

The Pentagon’s New Map by Thomas P.M. Barnett (click to open larger version) This is the fifth — and probably penultimate — post on the use of “evil” in homeland security rhetoric. (Prior posts: as referenced on September 10, as otherwise used by President Obama, as self-assertion, and at the United Nations.) Six quotations on evil, classical [...]

SchneiderWEB Server Directory Traversal Vulnerability

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Rockwell Micrologix 1400 DNP3 DOS Vulnerability

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The one percent doctrine and a 45 percent unemployment rate

The unemployment rate during the great depression was 25%. If we knew, today, that within 20 years there was a chance the US unemployment rate could be 45%, would we do anything about it? The One Percent Doctrine – invented by Dick Cheney – asserted that If there’s a 1% chance that Pakistani scientists are [...]

Bash Command Injection Vulnerability

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Friday Free Forum

On this date in 1959 the strongest typhoon to ever hit Japan comes ashore killing more than 4500 and leaving over 1.6 million homeless. On this date in 2002 a ferry capsizes off Gambia killing more than 1000. On this date in 1980 a suspected neo-Nazi bomb attack on Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich kills 13 [...]

Evil at the United Nations

Yesterday President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly.  Given the importance of counterterrorism in the homeland security portfolio, the entire speech is worth your consideration. Given our recent attention to the use of “evil” to characterize our homeland security challenge, I highlight the following few lines: Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, fellow delegates, ladies [...]

Evil as self-assertion of “absolute will”

… for evil is always the self-assertion of some self-interest without regard to the whole, whether the whole be conceived as the immediate community, or the total community of mankind, or the total order of the world.  The good is, on the other hand, always the harmony of the whole on various levels. (Reinhold Niebuhr, Children [...]

Other rhetoric: Abu Muhammad al-Adnani

On September 22  Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the sometime moniker of a spokesman for the Islamic State, released an online video encouraging freelance actions to kill citizens of any nation involved in the anti-IS coalition.  Toward the close of his remarks (11 pages) al-Adnani comments — ironically — on the Islamic State being declared as evil. [...]