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Network Time Protocol Vulnerabilities

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Friday Free Forum

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Innominate mGuard Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

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Siemens SIMATIC WinCC, PCS7, and TIA Portal Vulnerabilities (Update C)

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Emerson ROC800 Multiple Vulnerabilities (Update B)

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Honeywell Experion PKS Vulnerabilities

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We can see the future battle order

Russian Imperial Fleet under attack at Port Arthur (February 1904)
It sounds like a stupid film.  Good riddance.
But someone — almost certainly North Koreans, probably with paid help — successfully attacked and digitally destroyed a leadin…

Ebola update

The December 17, WHO situation update is available here.  According to this report, some progress is being made in Sierra Leone, which has replaced Liberia as the nation reporting the most incidents of transmission.
EVD transmission remains intense in…

Soft targets

The Leopold Cafe reopened four days after several customers were killed during the November 2008 urban swarm attack on Mumbai.
The Lindt Cafe in Sydney will, I expect, also reopen.  Prior cases suggest a community’s sense of defiance is good for…

A new homeland security-related blog: The Bifurcated Needle

I fell behind on some work this week and am not likely to post anything substantial today, so unfortunately I cannot personally provide Phil reading material to go along with his (really early) morning coffee.
However, for his and everyone else’s…