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Siemens SIMATIC HMI Basic, SINUMERIK, and Ruggedcom APE GHOST Vulnerability (Update A)

Advisory Document

Siemens SIMATIC ProSave, SIMATIC CFC, SIMATIC STEP 7, SIMOTION Scout, and STARTER Insufficiently Qualified Paths (Update A)

Advisory Document

Siemens SIMATIC HMI Devices Vulnerabilities (Update A)

Advisory Document

Gulf oil spill: Lessons still to be learned

It has been five years since an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon killed eleven and initiated several weeks of an uncontrolled release of oil from the well-head.  Over 200 million gallons of oil are thought to have escaped into the Gulf of Mexico.
I …

If we can build replicas of Iran’s nuclear plants, can’t we invest more in disaster preparedness?

A recent New York Times article revealed that work analyzing potential Iranian nuclear futures has been spread across our existing nuclear lab enterprise:
The classified replica is but one part of an extensive crash program within the nation’s nine …

“Box-IFE-ICE-SATCOM, ? Shall we start playing with EICAS messages?” :-)

“Find myself on a 737/800, lets see Box-IFE-ICE-SATCOM, ? Shall we start playing with EICAS messages? ‘PASS OXYGEN ON’ Anyone ? :)”
ArsTechnica reports a
 researcher who specializes in the security of commercial airplanes was b…

April 19

On this day in 1775 irregular militia and spontaneous volunteers, eventually numbering almost 4000, confronted British infantry at the Massachusetts towns of Concord and Lexington.  After several engagements British troops retreated into Boston which …

Categorical confusion: “The musical note and knife are sharp”

Early Thursday morning S.T. More (a provocative name, seeming to subtly signal St. Thomas More) asked an authentic question.  S/he wondered about my take on self-radicalization.  You can see the original exchange here.
Real questions are wonderful th…

DHS Secretary: “We are no longer “studying” the issue of morale. We are doing something about it.”

From: Office of the Secretary 
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2015 8:17 PM
Subject: Message from the Secretary
 April 16, 2015
Dear Colleagues:
This morning a congressional subcommittee held yet another hearing on the subject of low morale at various gove…