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Follow the money

The graphic shows the rough 2014 budget proportions for the Department of Homeland Security.  The $45 billion figure for the DHS budget is based on an analysis by the Congressional Research Service.
Late last week I was showing this pie chart to some…

No Ebola sitrep yet

As of early Wednesday morning the WHO had not released updated data on the Ebola transmission rate in West Africa.  Given the rest of my life, I have to pound out a post before 0900 on October 29 if I am to get you anything on October 30. There are re…

Big bad but not even a CAT 1

Sandy taught important lessons.  Maybe not every student who encountered her teaching has learned as much as she offered, but few went home without a bit more wisdom.
There are several of Sandy’s students — especially after a couple of be…

Ongoing Sophisticated Malware Campaign Compromising ICS (Update A)

Alert Document

Sensys Networks Traffic Sensor Vulnerabilities (Update A)

Advisory Document

Ongoing Sophisticated Malware Campaign Compromising ICS

Alert Document

Shooting ebola

“The worship of reason is… an illustration of one of the most long-lived delusions in Western history: the rationalist delusion. It’s the idea that reasoning is our most noble attribute….”
Jonathan Haidt wrote those words …

Embracing diversity

None of us much like what we perceive as mixed messages.  But many of us seek out diverse sources of information.
I am — as regular readers know too well — a big fan of diversity.  It is an intellectual and aesthetic preference, almost c…

Friday Free Forum

On this day in 2008 several leading stock exchanges experienced sharp declines that continued for a period of several months.  Was this a Black Swan?  Was this a Lévy flight?  Was this an expression of Self Organized Criticality?  Are catastrophi…

The Homegrown Jihadist Threat Grows

In today’s — October 24 — Wall Street Journal, former Senator Joseph Lieberman and former senior Senate staffer, Christian Beckner (this blog’s founder) share the byline in the top-of-the-page op-ed.  They focus particular atte…