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The Great Control System Failure?

  I have taken a bit of vacation away from comment and analysis of various aspects of critical infrastructure.  This is a good thing as you can become stale, stilted, and loses objectivity on a topic.  It is the objectivity issue that was just brought home in a blinding flash, quite literally. As you probably […]

Essence of Communications – BG – 1.2

Background 1.2 The King has agreed to the and accepted the census process with travel requirement, the decree with revisions, all Kings like to “blue pencil” their decrees, and the timing of the actual delivery of the decree.  Several drafts of the decree and census process were done, discussed and sent back for revision.  All […]

Essence of Communications – BG – 1.1

Background 1.1 Let’s focus in on the scenario to the point where the King issues the decree.  Did the King go outside and tell the people what he wanted done with all the details in place?  I don’t think so.  In fact, he discussed the idea with his advisers and functionaries.  Why?  This allowed the […]

Essence of Communications – BG – 1.0

Background 1.0 In order to analyze the elements of communications we first must agree upon a common scenario.  One of the most recognizable scenarios involves a King that decrees a census and further commands that each person travels to their birth place to register.  The rest of the storey has not purpose in this discussion. […]

The Essence of Communication – Academic Discussion

The most precious gift, perhaps talent, provided living things is communication.  All creatures great and small communicate.  They provide indications of pain, sorrow, happiness, anger, fear, aggression, love, hate, and all the things that need to be communicated.  The extent of communication between species is limited, but the extent of communication within a species, perhaps […]