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Building a Better Control Systems Security Community

One of our goals for the first Gathering is to foster better connections for building security features into industrial control systems.  We’re not unique this way; PCSF did it before us, as did (and continue to do) other numerous alphabet soup groups.  Key among these groups is the social aspect of who is doing what […]

Embedded Systems and Control Systems Security

Where are the embedded systems people in the discussion of control systems security?

Communication Fundementals

Communication Networks are imprecise things at best. For thousands of years all creatures have been trying to communicate all kinds of information. Some species do it very well and man has yet to understand how it is done. Consider a flock of birds that appear to move as one, left, right, up, down, taking off, […]

The DHS Open Government Initiative

In recent days, the Department of Homeland Security has taken a major step toward its priority to create a more open, transparent, efficient, and effective government. As part of President Obama’s Open Government Directive, we have now launched the DHS Open Government Initiative. The Administration has set four goals for its Open Government effort, calling […]

International Information Sharing: Advancing Security and Protecting Privacy

One of the most important realities highlighted by the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack is that in this day and age, aviation security is a responsibility shared among nations. The attempted terrorist had an itinerary that spanned three countries, and citizens of 17 countries were traveling on board that flight. In light of this attack, […]

A Resilient Nation

Over the past year and throughout my career, I’ve visited communities hit by natural disasters across the country and spoken with a number of Americans dealing with the aftermath of terrorist attacks. What always strikes me about the days and months that follow these tragedies is the resilience that emerges in the communities that are […]

WAR! What’s in a Name – Part 3

Parts 1 & 2 were about some of things that can happen. But, I have yet to discuss sacrafice. I ask you a question, directly. When is WAR not WAR? HUH? That is what I said. Consider what you have given up for the War on Terror, the WAR on Drugs, the WAR on Poverty, […]

WAR! What’s in a Name – Part 2

How many times have you wondered how safe you were? How many times per day? How many times as you commute on that two lane road at 55 MPH with a closing speed of 110 MPH? For most of us, the answer is ZERO, actually the possibility is just off the radar screen. So it […]

WAR! What’s in a Name?

As I sat reading about WAR on the Critical Infrastructure Discussion List, I was appalled by the lack of insight, at least in my opinion, about the nature of WAR. I was immediately struck by the thought “Can someone actually take over the USA without occupying the nation?” I then decided, probably not, but they […]

Why I Study Wireless Jamming

I am certain that there are many misconceptions about why someone would want to figure out how to jam a wireless system. And most of all why someone like me, a control systems engineer, thinks it is a good idea. To explain where I’m coming from allow me to relate a story. It is mostly […]