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A Matter of Ethics

As we each move through life, we encounter ethical challenges or obstacles, your choice of which you prefer, every day.  Not that they will cause a mountain to fall into the sea, or pigs to fly, but ethical choices nonetheless.  We each will respond differently to these obstacles with choices that have been built up […]

Cybersecurity: The U.S. Legislative Agenda

Thought I’d share this with everyone.  This is a PDF file of all current legislative bills here in the U.S. URL:

Results from “The Gathering”…

The SCADASEC Cyber Security Workshop, known as “The Gathering”, concluded this past weekend.  The idea was to bring about like-minded individuals who either had something to contribute, or were looking for something.  The notion was to take an “ad hoc” workshop with *some* structure, have an idea of what the net results were, and let […]

What No Security Standard Addresses

In Dale Peterson’s recent blog, he notes that FISMA/NIST 800 aren’t very effective. It got me thinking what good these standards actually do here in the US, and in Britan (where they’ve had the CPNI standards for a while). I am beginning to get the feeling that this effort is very much like those notorious […]

Supply Chain Provenance

Not long ago, we received a shipment of process controller parts that had been opened by others. The confusion was understandable, but unfortunately, some parts were missing. They were the most expensive parts: the Processor modules for a PLC. Interesting things followed. Our internal police force (yes, we have a police force who patrol the […]