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Jamming Wireless Protocols

My presentation at DistribuTech went very well. The room was packed with a standing room only crowd that had to have at least 50 people (conservative numbers). Afterward, I demonstrated exactly what I claimed in front of half a dozen on-lookers. I didn’t want to turn this thing up in a room full of laptops […]

Who’s Your Enemy?

Who’s Your Enemy? That is the question. Until you answer that definitively, all other answers are moot. Seems like a very hard question to answer; if you take it lightly, you will be in trouble; if you take it hard, you will be in trouble. The best you can hope for is to do the […]

Attribution – “The Science of Finger Pointing”

We all talk about security. We all talk about who did it. We point our fingers, wag our fingers, and generally push the problem on someone else. There are many questions that need to be asked about security, but the most important question of all is: Who is responsible for Security? To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: […]

Security Can’t be Bolted On

I’ve said it in many forums and gotten many smiling nods of agreement: You can’t bolt security to a project after the fact. Like safety or product quality, it is a mindset and a way of doing things that you have to train for and inculcate in to every aspect of the endeavor. Just as […]

Bolt On Security – View II

My last post discussed the Finances of Systems superficially to be sure, but the message was there. This post will look at security from a political point of view. Out elected, appointed, and selected officials take an oath of office. Even the people in the military take an oath of office. It seems that the […]

Bolt On Security – Points of View

To all, I have posted two, seemingly at odds with everyone, blogs in the last few days. These were not intended to upset or cause alarm, merely to present my perception of the views of the politican and financial types that are also involved. perceptions are harad to deal with at all times, even more […]

Bolt On Security – Another View

“To Bolt, or Not To Bolt? That is the Question! … ” There are many aspects to security and those aspects can be likened to the facets in a fine diamond. It is all in how you look at it. The three main aspects are Physical, Personnel, and Cyber all three are overlaid with Confidentiality, […]

Essence of Communications – BG – 1.2

Background 1.2 The King has agreed to the and accepted the census process with travel requirement, the decree with revisions, all Kings like to “blue pencil” their decrees, and the timing of the actual delivery of the decree.  Several drafts of the decree and census process were done, discussed and sent back for revision.  All […]

Essence of Communications – BG – 1.1

Background 1.1 Let’s focus in on the scenario to the point where the King issues the decree.  Did the King go outside and tell the people what he wanted done with all the details in place?  I don’t think so.  In fact, he discussed the idea with his advisers and functionaries.  Why?  This allowed the […]

Essence of Communications – BG – 1.0

Background 1.0 In order to analyze the elements of communications we first must agree upon a common scenario.  One of the most recognizable scenarios involves a King that decrees a census and further commands that each person travels to their birth place to register.  The rest of the storey has not purpose in this discussion. […]