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How is a typical user supposed to cope?

How are end-users supposed to figure out that new malware exists?

Malware Graduates to Control Systems

I am very disconcerted. Heise Security has a report on a Zero Day rootkit exploit against WinCC.  This was no ordinary exploit.  This malware appears to be digitally signed by a well known semiconductor manufacturer.  The software seems designed to be propagated via a USB drive. It uses drivers that are loaded automatically without the […]

Has the U.S. lost its way with “critical infrastructures”?

One might think so these days, as the focus tends to be “cyber related”. The term “cyber” (alternatively called a “cyber system”) is a nebulous term used to describe any computational electronic device. This is a very *wide* definition in that it describes information technology (IT) systems, control systems (SCADA, RTU, DCS, PLC, etc.), and […]

The futility of water conservation requests

Once again, I’m going to state for the record, these are only my opinions, not necessarily those of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC).  I am not authorized to speak for the company.  These are my rantings from a point of view that represents an incomplete view of everything the WSSC does. The event is […]

WSSC’s Water Woes

Disclaimer: Although I work there, I do not and never have spoken for WSSC. That is above my pay grade. My employer, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), is about to conduct emergency repairs on a damaged (but not broken) 96″ water main.  There are other, older mains that are being pressed in to service […]