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Thoughts about a government-controlled ‘infrastructure Internet’…

If I may make a comment about this very topic… 😉 Let me see if any of these items are true (I may not have ALL items listed, so don’t crucify me): (1) Communications (both data and voice) has gone to the Internet; private communications connections now exist thru VPN connections. (2) Private communications used […]

Copper Theft and SCADA

Last week we were talking over lunch and the subject came up of what we would do if the transmission lines to our Master radio were vandalized or stolen.  It’s not an idle question. While theft of copper is no longer as rampant as it was, it is still a concern. What would it do? […]

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Stuxnet Stuck

In Nicolas Falliere’s last STUXNET post on Symantic’s blog, he ended with “Please Stay Tuned.”  That was August 6.  Nearly a month has passed.  And what more do we know? Nothing. Not one word from anyone on what the payload of STUXNET does.  Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, move along. This is not […]