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What are the lessons of Stuxnet

Recently, I have been getting requests for interviews on Stuxnet and “son of Stuxnet”. I believe Stuxnet has provided too much focus on PLCs and Siemens.  The real ICS issues are:
– It is possible to use cyber as a weapon to destroy equipment or k…

Are we asking too much of existing industrial control systems?

If you ask users of industrial control system if they meet their design and performance requirements, I think you will find the answer is a resounding yes.  However, if you ask security personnel if they are secure, you will probably get a resounding …

All Quiet on the Wireless Front! #control august 2011 issue available #pauto #mfg #wireless

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Another dismal performance by ICS-CERT

ICS CERT has had a mixed history of success and failure. With Stuxnet and Siemens vulnerabilities, most of ICS-CERT’s history is not very good. The latest blow to ICS-CERT’s credibility is Ralph Langner’s blog:…

Morley on the ISA Marketing and Sales Summit– the straight stuff! #mktgsales #pauto

From Dick Morley:
Memo to public folder.
Subject: Sixth Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit.
The ISA people have come up with an excellent summit conference. But, they don’t tell us dummies what the value is–to us. They talk like all engineers. G…

ICS Cyber Security is still not mainstream

I had a call with the RSA conference organizer and one of the principal speakers on the possibility of a session on control system cyber security at the big RSA Conference. They mentioned they had a track two years ago.  After reviewing the attendance…

#Marketing #Sales #productmanagement ISA’s Marketing and Sales Summit Wants YOU!

Transform your next big sale strategy or marketing plan through increased customer knowledge   The 6th Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit program, focused around "Customer 2.0," will give you practical ideas and solutions on how to bec…

IEC TC65 USTAG appointedJoe Weiss US Expert to TC65 WG10 and voting member of TC65 #cybersecurity #standards #IEC #pauto #mfg

From Eliana Beatty at ISA:
 The TC65 USTAG has approved the addition of Joseph Weiss as a Voting Member of the TC65 TAG and as US Expert to TC65 WG10.  
That’s a very high honor and responsibility. Congratulations, Joe.

Pipelines and cyber security

In 1999, the Bellingham, Wash., gasoline pipeline ruptured killing three people. It was a control system cyber incident with many implications for future pipeline cyber impacts:read more

The need for shared responsibility to secure control systems

In order to have a secure control system, it must be designed, built, tested, implemented, maintained, and finally retired in a secure manner. The end-user needs to ask for, and be willing to pay for, secure control systems.  The control system vendor…