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Illinois Water SCADA Incident: DHS was right — and so was I!

Caveat: The information on the Illinois Water system cyber intrusion is directly from the Illinois Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence more

Lack of control system cyber forensics can affect DHS response to Illinois water system intrusion

DHS’s statement on the Illinois water incident is: "After detailed analysis of all available data, ICS-CERT and the FBI found no evidence of a cyber intrusion into the SCADA system of the Curran-Gardner Public Water District in Springfieldread more

The Illinois Water Hack Is a Test of the System for Disclosure – Is It Broken?

My blog on the Illinois water hack was directly based on a formal disclosure announcement by the Illinois State Terrorism and Intelligence Center – STIC (Note: My blog did not identify the state involved. That disclosure came from DHS). The STIC disclo…

Is the WaterISAC Helping the Water Industry? – The Illinois Water Hack Raises Serious Questions

Per the WaterISAC portal, the WaterISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center) is a community of water sector professionals who share a common purpose: to protect public health and the environment. The WaterISAC provides email notifications about th…

Water System Hack – The System Is Broken

Last week, a disclosure was made about a public water district SCADA system hack. There are a number of very important issues in this disclosure:read more

Rethinking Cyber Anarchy

The article
Rethinking Cyber Anarchy by Eddie Walsh from the Pacific Forum CSIS is now
read more

NIST and DOE still not distinguishing between IT and ICS

A message from Joe Weiss:
September 2011, DOE published the Electricity Sector Cybersecurity Risk Management Process Guideline for comment. The document draws from a significant number of experts, though none are industrial control systems (ICS) expert…

#MESA and #Cambashi Study Shows Results of Bad or Delayed Metrics #mfg #manufacturing #pauto

 MESA International and Cambashi need more data to validate or unvalidate the initial results shown in this release. The details are below, and they need YOUR help. I support this survey and would hope that Tony Christian at Cambashi will get m…

IPad hits the plant floor

Michelle Wagner from Putman Media had an editorial in the October 2011 issue of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – “IPad hits the plant floor”.  Her focus was on the productivity improvements this type of technology will bring. The concept of securi…

The Need for Control System Cyber Forensics

There is a perception that control systems, including field devices, have cyber forensic capabilities similar to those of IT systems. That perception is wrong. A control system generally has a Microsoft front-end human-machine interface (HMI) that shou…