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The broken record – why do people who don’t understand ICSs still continue to speak for ICS cyber security

Would anyone with a heart condition go to an orthopedist to check on their heart? An internist and orthopedist are both doctors, but they certainly have different specializations. The fact that someone understands IT security does not make them an ICS …

ICS-CERT has released the Newsletter "ICS-CERT Monitor October-December 2012" (PDF)

The 'ICS-CERT Monitor October-December 2012' is a summary of ICS-CERT activities for the previous quarter.

Some Far Rockaway of the heart

So many others are giving such expert attention to the recovery from Sandy — and its implications for preparedness and response — that I have not found much to add.   It’s too soon to tell what will actually happen, but much that is …

ICS-CERT has released an Advisory titled "ICSA-12-362-01 – I-GEN opLYNX Central Authentication Bypass" (PDF)

This Advisory details a vulnerability that allows authentication bypass allowing partial information leakage and access to system settings in i-GEN opLYNX Central.

Leaning purposefully into paradox

Nicholas Poussin, Le Massacre des Innocents Between December 27th to December 29th many Christian churches remember the massacre of innocents which, according to the gospel of Matthew, was ordered by King Herod to eliminate the just-born Jesus. Whethe…

Disaster Amnesia

From the December 26 Jakarta Post, an Op-Ed by Syamsidik, head of applied research at the Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) and a lecturer in the civil engineering department of Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh. –+&#82…

ICS-CERT has released an Advisory titled "ICSA-12-354-01 – RuggedCom ROS Hard-coded RSA SSL Private key" (PDF)

This Advisory identifies the use of hard-coded RSA SSL private key in RuggedCom&#39s Rugged Operating System (ROS).

A christmas story in 21 pictures

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A christmas story in 21 pictures

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Proximate solutions to insoluble problems

I am in the bad day business.  Whether the cause is natural, accidental or intentional my role is preparing for bad days.  My specific role has become helping others prepare for very, very bad days. It is my impression most readers of HLSWatch are in…