Evolutionary Security

Evolutionary Security ManagementCritical Infrastructure Protection and System Level Security requires a balanced approach that takes into account the need to protect infrastructure while also maintaining the capacity within the organization. Failing to achieve this balance, in favour of either aspect, could leave the organization open to a number of kinds of risk (Security, Financial, etc). At Evolutionary Security Management, Inc., our goal is to work with you as you try to achieve this balance. ESM represents the sister organization to Infracritical, servicing all critical infrastructure protection and homeland security requests for Canada and North America (maritime).

ESM’s preferred business model involves forging medium to long term relationships with our clients. As a result, ESM focuses significantly on ensuring that we deliver high quality services for fair value consistently. This “Commitment to Quality” has lead to their involvement in a number of “invitee-only” groups focusing on research within the Critical Infrastructure Protection domain.

This high quality value is based upon three checks and balances. First, all those that are involved in the work must be able to demonstrate through trustworthy, third parties with no vested interest (such as through certification) that they are capable to undertake the tasks. Second, the work must be based upon critically reasoned work that ties back to accepted bodies of knowledge or, where none are identifiable, can be validated through the criticism of other suitably competent persons. The third test involves validating the work against parallel bodies of knowledge or the reasoned opinion of respected practitioners (in a manner appropriate to its sensitivity). ESM feels that if the work can pass these three filters, then it is ready to proceed to the next step.

This commitment to quality and value also involves a number of value added measures ranging from discounts on future activities through to provision of a bi-monthly newsletter (The Watchman). The Watchman provides a range of lessons learned and best business practices that can be taken back into your own organization.

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