Lofty Perch

Lofty PerchLofty Perch is a global leader in providing cyber security services and technology for mission critical industrial architectures. With a core focus on SCADA and Process Control environments, Lofty Perch leverages scientific expertise, security engineering leadership, and rich practical experience to develop solutions to meet the infrastructure protection challenges faced by private sector, law enforcement, and national security communities. Lofty Perch delivers exceptional work in both the Classified and Unclassified realms, and can operate internationally in the most sensitive of environments.

The Lofty Perch mission is comprised of four core areas, each of which focuses on the goal of improving the security posture of key critical assets in the industrial domain. These areas are: SCADA and Process Control System cyber security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, SCADA and Process Control System security training and awareness, and Customized security solutions.

Lofty Perch maintains significant leadership in the global community through its interactions with leading standards and research initiatives, and it is through this work that Lofty Perch can provide unmatched service delivery to its customers and partners. With executive leadership chairing the Canadian Industrial Cyber Security Council, as well as continued involvement in such key programs as ISA SP-99, NIST, and the U.S. DHS Control System Security Program, Lofty Perch is a leader in helping secure your most critical information infrastructures.