Office of Infrastructure PreparednessThe Office of Infrastructure Preparedness’ (OIP) goal is to provide an informational reservoir of highly skilled and trained professionals capable of responding to specific emergencies nationwide that threaten the life and safety of people, stability of business operations, property, public safety, the environment, and to fulfill governmental roles and responsibilities as required in a methodical and efficient manner. In order to accomplish this goal, OIP will sponsor and promote educational activities, develop examinations and professionally certify individuals according to their knowledge and specialties. OIP’s strategy is based on the standards and procedures of NFPA 1600, ISO 14001 and Emergency Management Accreditation (EMAP).

OIP supports the on-going efforts of homeland security as well as all other personnel that work to ensure our critical infrastructures and key resources located within all sectors of the free world. It is essential that everyone involved in this critical work is properly trained, ready, and capable to do their jobs. In order to best facilitate the appropriate training, teaching, and certification for the roles being developed to meet the demands, the OIP was created. Though part of the private sector, the OIP provides training opportunities for personnel working in all levels of government and the private sectors.

OIP was established to identify and promote the legal and professional recognition of individuals who possess special attributes required to preserve our critical infrastructures and key resources. The OIP was founded to consolidate such recognition so that governments, the public, employers, and insurers can ascertain qualified professionals capable of working in all levels of Infrastructure Preparedness.

URL: www.oip-usa.us