Business Model

We strongly believe that ‘CIP’ is not and should not be spun as another form of an applied ‘force-protection’ security practice model. Rather, encompassing the all-hazards approach, but further expanding on a more hollistic concept, Infracritical sees the potential for expanding the definition of ‘CIP’, and how it may be properly and correctly utilized within the workplace.

Seeing the need for a revised business framework model, Infracritical is currently investigating revised methodologies by which ‘CIP’ may be more explainable within a business context. Usually, this means defining a method, process, procedure or protocol that is definable, usable, repeatable, and measurable.

Infracritical foresees the need for a common criteria framework model that may be used at all operational levels within the organization (strategic, operational and tactical) and may be utilized more easily, while remain readily applied at all operational branches (and their divisions), thus providing efficient and commonly understood communications, roles and their tasks to everyone within a critical infrastructure sector-protected organziation.

As time progresses, more information will be made available here regarding the revised model and how you may tap into its powerful capabilty for your corporation or organization.