Education & Awareness

Infracritical’s top priority and goal is to provide education and training awareness programs for both public and private sectors, as well as for the general public. Information, its availability, and its dissemination, are vital in securing our Nation’s infrastructures.

Public and private sector organizations cannot easily protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in today’s highly-available and publicly networked system environments without some form of compromise of ensuring that all people involved are using and/or managing information effectively. Part of the educational process is through providing a better understanding of their roles, responsibilities and requirements that are related to their organizational missions, goals and objectives. Being focused on an organization’s goals is important; loosing focus can have a debilitating impact on the organization either partially, or depending on the circumstances, entirely.

People need to understand and comprehend their organization’s security policies, procedures, and practices; and more importantly, both organizations and their personnel/staff that serve them need to have (at least) adequate knowledge of the various management, operational, and technical controls required and available in protecting their information resources for which they may be responsible.

As cited within audit reports, journals, magazines, periodicals, and conference presentations, it is generally understood by the professional security community that people are one of the weakest links in attempts to secure systems and networks. The “human factor” — not technology — is THE key for providing adequate and appropriate levels of security. If people are the key, but are also a weak link, more and better attention must be paid to this “asset” (that being, the asset is “people”). A robust and enterprise wide awareness and training program is paramount in ensuring people understand their IT security responsibilities, organizational policies, and how to properly use and protect the IT resources entrusted to them.

Our mission is intended to be useful to several key audiences within any given organization, including, but not limited to: the CIO, the security program manager (and staff), managers (including system and application owners), their contractors, and agency training coordinators. The success of an organization’s awareness and training program, and that of its overall security program, depends upon the ability of these people to work toward a common goal of protecting the organization’s information and IT-related resources.

While it is important to understand the nature of and availability of policies that require organizations to develop and implement awareness and training programs (and their curriculums), it is crucial that these organizations understand who has responsibility for security awareness and training.

Some organizations have a mature security program, while other organizations may be struggling to achieve basic staffing, funding, and support. The fact that an awareness and training program takes a significant amount of time, materials and resources, may vary greatly from organization to organization. This is due, in part, to the maturity of that program. One way to help ensure that a program matures is to develop and document security awareness and training responsibilities for those key positions upon which the success of the program depends. This means working from the top of the organization — downward — to each and every staff member within that organization or organizational unit. Without this method of approach, whatever education and training awareness program is implemented, if it is not accepted at the very top of the organization, will never fully be appreciated, understood, or accepted by that organization.

Infracritical believes that education and training awareness, along with certifying individuals in levels of competency in key specific areas that pertain to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), are vitally important to the success and welfare of our Nation.