Regulation & Legislation

Probably the most important reasons and factors for needing (in some cases, requiring) regulation are based on several premises:

  • Market incentives may not be sufficient to adopt controls to prevent adulteration and misbranding of services or products, or the quality of services or products.
  • Voluntary controls do not provide sufficiently protective industry-wide minimum requirements at any stage of development or during production.
  • Controls are costly and benefits are diffuse.

What does it take to protect the world around us? Everyone is doing their share to help out. Look around your surroundings, your community, and you will find people and organizations starting various programs, initiating methods of ensuring a better social structure. This same spirit of this level of stewardship can also be seen in the private sector, where companies are adopting best business practices that are good for both the organization — and the bottom line. Governments encourage efforts for protecting our infrastructures and the environment, but we also have the authority to write mandatory requirements called regulations.

Government regulations cover a wide range of preparedness, protective and enforecable issues, from setting protection and law enforcement standards for public safety to specifying methods of recovery and remediation from regional-wide catastrophic natural disasters, such as relief efforts currently under way for Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims and their families.

Businesses, state and local governments, even individuals can be fined if they do not abide by regulations, and that is one reason why we invite the public to share in their development—we want these regulations to be practical and fair for the American people. The federal government is currently attempting to reform many of their regulatory bodies in an effort to streamline procedural requirements, and in some cases, removing duplicate, impractical or conflicting mandates between laws and regulations. Infracritical is working towards streamlined regulatory bodies of government that’s both efficient and effective.

Infracritical wants to provide and ensure for a better tomorrow through safeguarding methods of our Nation’s infrastructure, but without duplicate, impractical or conflicting effects that could negate any efforts in protecting, recovering, remediating, or relying upon our Nation’s infrastructure before, during and after any disaster, man-made or otherwise.