Infrastructure Resources

This primary category contains information related to each of the main types of critical infrastructure. Content includes information on threats to critical infrastructures, as well as information on various programs and initiatives designed to protect critical infrastructures. Each infrastructure has its own section and there are also sections for general issues, information sharing centers, and key assets. Researchers should note that national strategies and plans for infrastructure protection can be found under the primary category ” Federal: Strategies, Plans, Analysis, & Issues.”

Taxonomy of Critical Infrastructures
This secondary category contains information related to the threats and protective measures for each of the critical infrastructures. Information is grouped by individual infrastructure. For general assessments and strategies spanning more than one infrastructure element, please see the secondary category “General Issues, Strategies, Assessments, & Recommendations.”
General Issues, Assessments, & Recommendations
This secondary category contains information on those issues, programs, or recommendations that span more than one criticial infrastructure element or that examine critical infrastructure in an overarching manner. Researchers should note that federal strategies for critical infrastructure protection can be found in the primary TEx category “Federal: Strategies, Plans, Analysis & Issues.”
Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC)
This secondary category contains brief descriptions and contact information for multiple information sharing and analysis centers representing a variety of infrastructures.
Key Assets
This secondary category contains information relating to the protection of individual assets, such as dams, nuclear power plants, government facilities, and national monuments and icons.