General Issues & Assessments

This secondary category contains information on those issues, programs, or recommendations that span more than one criticial infrastructure element or that examine critical infrastructure in an overarching manner. Researchers should note that federal strategies for critical infrastructure protection can be found in the primary TEx category “Federal: Strategies, Plans, Analysis & Issues.”

Best Practices for Project Security
Challenges and Efforts to Secure Control Systems
CIP Challenges for Selected Agencies and Industry Sectors
Critical Infrastructure and Interdependency Modeling: A Survey of US and International Research
Critical Infrastructures: Background, Policy and Implementation
Critical Infrastructure: Control Systems and the Terrorist Threat
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Multiple Efforts to Secure Control Systems Are Under Way, but Challenges Remain
Critical Infrastructure Protection – National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism Website
Department of Homeland Security Announces $91.3 Million in Buffer Zone Protection Program Grants
Guide for an Action Plan to Develop a Regional Disaster Resilience
HOMELAND SECURITY: Actions Needed to Better Protect National Icons and Federal Office Buildings from Terrorism
The Infrastructure Security Partnership Website
Meeting the Challenge of Facility Protection for Homeland Security
Nationwide Plan Review: Phase 2 Report
The Need for a Policy Framework to Develop Disaster Resilient Regions
The Private Sector and Homeland Security Investment
Protecting Critical Infrastructure
Report Card for America’s Infrastructure
Report of the Critical Infrastructure Taskforce
Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Critical Homeland Infrastructure Protection
Sandia’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative Picks Up Steam
Vulnerability of Concentrated Critical Infrastructure
Who’s On First? A Strategy for Protecting Critical Infrastructure
Public-Private Sector Intelligence Coordination: Final Report and Recommendations by the Council