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Remembering the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Instead of providing a prayer for the those lives lost during and after 9/11, I wanted to take this time to instead do a retro-introspective look at something that most people don’t really think about: ourselves. One of the discussions recently brought up during a newscast on Saturday (9/10) was asking people: “What did you […]

Project “NINJA”

Codenamed “NINJA”, is an acronym meaning “Network INtelligence Joint Analysis“. The idea or notion behind this project is to provide a method by which to test, evaluate and enumerate serial and/or network connected SCADA and control systems devices. This project makes use of Fyodor’s Network Mapper (NMAP) utility, and all scripts written and provided by/through […]

Thoughts about a government-controlled ‘infrastructure Internet’…

If I may make a comment about this very topic… 😉 Let me see if any of these items are true (I may not have ALL items listed, so don’t crucify me): (1) Communications (both data and voice) has gone to the Internet; private communications connections now exist thru VPN connections. (2) Private communications used […]